Beach Soccer was originally inspired by the acrobatic football played on the beaches of Brazil, with the Official Rules created in 1992. The game focuses on some of the most spectacular aspects of modern football: skill, agility and, above all, goals.

The irregular nature of the soft-sand playing surface lends itself to an entertaining style of play, with the ball spending most of the time in the air and the players forced to improvise with moments of awesome individual flair – expect lots of overhead kicks and diving headers!

The pitch measures 28×37 metres [roughly a quarter the size of a grass football pitch] which means players can shoot from virtually anywhere – and they do. There is a shot on goal every 30 seconds, and an average scoring rate of one goal every 3-4 minutes!

Teams consist of up to 10 players, with five on the sand at any one time. Unlimited substitutions mean the pace and flow of the game is unrelenting and in Beach Soccer there is always a winner, with the match going to extra time followed by penalty kicks if the score is tied.

The beach party atmosphere enjoyed by spectators is maintained during the breaks between periods, when music and dancers keep the entertainment flowing.