Bridlington Beach Soccer – 2015 Season already in full swing

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Bridlington continues to expand it’s Beach Soccer calender at it’s South Beach under the guidance of local promoter, Dave Grosse.

Wilberfos JFC’s U8’s played in their first ever Beach Soccer event recently with one observer commenting “The blue sky appeared, the picnics came out and I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a football tournament so much!”

This year will see the boys and girls compete in 4 different age categories as well as the first ever men’s tournament and 4 ladies events.

The schedules dates are as follows:

Under 7/8’s Boys: 23rd May, 27th June & 26th July
Under 9/10’s Boys: 16th May, 13th June, 4th July & 26th July
Under 11/12’s Boys: 16th May, 13th June, 19th July & 8th August
Under 13/14’s Boys: 9th May, 18th July & 2nd August

Under 9/10’s Girls: 27th June
Under 11/12’s Girls: 20th June
Under 13/14’s Girls: 30th May & 4th July
Under 15/16’s Girls: 30th May

Ladies: 23rd May, 20th June, 25th July and 8th August

Mens: 1st August

If you require any further information then please email