EBSL & Bournemouth University Project

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England Beach Soccer Ltd (EBSL) have again completed another successful project with undergraduates from Bournemouth University (BU).

In the academic year 2012-13, EBSL first trialled working with undergraduates from BU who formed a Consultancy Group, that as part of their degree course, would conduct a full review into the sport in England.


The success of the trial saw things expanded this academic year to EBSL working with two Consultancy Groups who both recently presented their findings to David Jones, Head of England Beach Soccer.


The introduction of EBSL to BU was thanks to Todd Govan, County Development Manager of Dorset FA. Todd was aware that David was keen to work with the wider community in the area of Dorset. David felt that it would present exciting opportunities for the students to try and help EBSL develop the sport at a faster pace than what was being achieved.


David has travelled down from Nottingham on a number of occasions over the last 18 months to meet with Andy Callaway, Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis at BU, and the various Consultancy Groups.


A meeting is due to take place this month where EBSL, BU and the Dorset FA will sit down and plan a development programme for this summer. It is intended that a range of Beach Soccer events will be held in the area that will appeal to the wider community and people of all abilities.


David commented “EBSL is keen to try and help people stay involved in football by playing this special small-sided form of the game. It’s fun and played in a healthy, safe and unique environment and has a lot to offer at grassroots level. For anyone who thinks that they are technically gifted at football then I challenge them to come down to the sand this year and give Beach Soccer a go. I’ll think they be surprised at how playing Beach Soccer will help them to improve their overall football ability.”


At the same time EBSL recognises the excellent Beach Soccer scene that is flourishing in Hampshire, thanks largely to the continued excellent work of Luke Kerr and his team on the Isle Of Wight, the original home of Beach Soccer, and the emerging scene in Portsmouth.


EBSL wants to ensure that that the sport now starts to properly expand throughout the country, which given the lack of funding will be an uphill battle. Both BU and the Dorset FA will help this to happen.


The attached documents are the reports presented to EBSL by the two Consultancy Groups. The video at the top of the website is also the work of the BU students.